Get Laser Hair Removal NOW Before Summer

March is officially the beginning of spring. This means with the warmer weather, you’ll be shedding all of those layers in favor of showing off some skin. Wouldn’t it be great to not worry about shaving this summer? Think about all the time you’ll save and all the worrying about if there’s hair on your legs or bikini area. Think about how you don’t have to pack a razor or shaving cream on your summer vacation. Sounds pretty great, huh?

So what makes March a great time to get laser hair removal? Let’s take a closer look and see.

You Still Have Time To Get A Head Start

You may be thinking that you can put off laser hair removal until it’s closer to summer but that’s actually a mistake. Your hair grows in cycles so, in order for us to get every hair follicle, we’ll need to do laser hair removal during each growth cycle. That means it will take about eight weeks to get all of the hair to give you those hair-free results you want. So if you start in March, you’ll have enough time to get in a few sessions before summer fully begins and you won’t have to worry about your hair maintenance all summer long.

You Still Need to Stay Out of The Sun

Because lasers make your skin more sensitive to light, especially the sun, you will need to avoid sun exposure while your skin is healing. If you start your laser hair removal treatments now, it’ll still be fairly easy to stay covered up since spring weather can be so unpredictable.

It Doesn’t Take a Ton of Time

How long your session takes depends on the size of the area you are treating but in general, it can take between 10 minutes and one hour per session. While your underarms may only take a couple of minutes, your full legs could take up to an hour. However, most areas should not take that long.

Get ready to live your best silky smooth, hair-free life this summer. Schedule your laser hair removal appointment with us today and give us a call at 508-836-8733.

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