Glaucoma: Understanding the Importance of Early Treatment

Glaucoma.,Senior,African,American,Man,Rubbing,Tired,Eyes,Wearing,Eyeglasses Glaucoma is a family of eye conditions that commonly affect the optic nerve. When the eye sees images, it uses the optic nerve to translate them to the brain. This produces what is understood as vision. Glaucoma conditions can create pressure on the optic nerve, leading to permanent damage. With time, this pressure can result in complete vision loss. However, it can be difficult to recognize that you have glaucoma until it has progressed significantly. That’s why scheduling regular eye exams is essential.

As part of Glaucoma Awareness Month, Keamy Eye & Laser Centre would like to provide you with more information about the progression and treatment of glaucoma.

Glaucoma Effects Are Slow and Hidden

Eye exams with dilation are the key factor in the early identification of glaucoma and helping patients slow the progression of this eye condition. Without detection, glaucoma can advance and, in most cases, never be felt.

Glaucoma slowly degrades peripheral vision, and only when vision is functionally lost does it become apparent something is wrong. With an eye exam, however, an eye doctor can see the damage early enough that treatment can be applied to slow or stop further damage. Treatment can extend the utilization of your vision for years.

Treatment Support Is Key

Continuing eye exams after diagnosis can help your eye doctor confirm the progression of glaucoma and what form of treatment to use to slow it. Glaucoma conditions cannot be cured, but they can be slowed considerably, adding years of vision to a patient’s life.

However, those benefits are only possible with patients doing their part and attending regular exam appointments on a schedule set by their eye doctor. Preventing further damage from glaucoma is a long-term partnership between patients and their eye doctor.

Schedule Regular Eye Exams for Glaucoma Detection

Our Keamy Eye & Laser Center team is well-equipped and trained to provide our patients with regular glaucoma exams and treatment to stabilize the condition if it is present. Most people don’t know they have glaucoma until an opthalmologist confirms it. That’s why it is essential to visit your eye doctor regularly. Let us help you protect your vision: call us at 508-836-8733 or schedule an appointment online for an eye exam in Westborough, MA.

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