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How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Thanksgiving

When it comes time to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, it can either seem like you love the holiday or you could leave it, but either way, you have to celebrate it with friends and family. If you really want to get the most out of your holiday feast, then this article is right up your… Read More »

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Are Your Contact Lenses Irritating You? 3 Tips To Help

Nothing is more irritating than having contact lenses that hurt, itch, pop out, or are just downright uncomfortable. If you are at the point where you are ready to either trade your lenses in for glasses altogether or just go blind, then we have got some tips to help. From keeping your eyes lubricated to putting… Read More »

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Happy New Year! 3 More Reasons to Quit Smoking

There are many great things about starting a new year, including ringing it in with friends and family and getting the chance to make some resolutions. The best resolutions to make regard your health and making lifestyle changes. If you are a cigarette smoker and have made a resolution to stop smoking, here are three… Read More »

20/20 Vision

What Exactly Does Having 20/20 Vision Mean?

If your eyesight is 20/20, you are fortunate. If it’s not, you probably wear contact lenses or glasses to correct your vision to as close as possible to those numbers. If your sweet-baby-blues are framed with the most stylish of frames, knowing why could be interesting. Read on to learn more about 20/20 vision. What… Read More »