Q&A with Dr. Keamy: FAQs About Fillers

keamy1 LT: Hi, Dr. Keamy. Today I’d like to talk about the many questions, misconceptions, and trepidations I hear regarding fillers. Let’s talk about bruising: does it always occur?

JK: Yes, probably. The more important question is, “How do I minimize bruising?” To my patients that take fish oil, a baby aspirin, or other NSAID such as Ibuprofen daily, I recommend they stop several days before their appointment. Abstaining from alcohol consumption may also help. Additionally, taking Arnica Montana and a bromelain supplement 48 hours before treatment and for one week after treatment can
reduce bruising.

LT: I notice that sometimes I bruise more than other times or more than my friends.

JK: Every patient’s tendency to bruise varies, and every treatment can result in varying levels of bruising. I dissuade my patients from having treatments within a week of a special event.

LT: Although the price per vial is readily available, how does a patient know how much filler she’ll need? This makes it difficult to estimate the treatment cost.

JK: So many factors come into play here: How much product is needed depends on the filler, the area of the face being treated, and the size of the patient’s face.

To ensure the patient’s satisfaction, I recommend how many vials it will take to achieve the desired result. Should the patient want to economize, I recommend another product.

LT: How long do fillers last?

JK: It depends on the filler’s type and brand and the area of the face being filled. Most last from 6-18 months. Bellafill, up to five years.

LT: Your consultations are free, correct?

JK: They are, Laura. Having a consultation is the best way to know what the treatment will cost. Additionally, most producers have rewards programs, coupons, and gift card promotions. I have monthly specials as well. keamy

LT: Wow, we certainly covered some ground! For our readers, vendor rewards program links are:
https://www.brilliantdistinctionsprogram.com. https://www.aspirerewards.com.
Learn more about dermal fillers here:

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