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Our mascot Morgan recently turns 15 this month , and his brother Colby turned 9. They are both considered senior dogs. Morgan has even seen the ophthalmologists at The Foster Hospital at Tufts Veterinary School of Medicine.This fall Keamy Eye & Laser Centre will celebrate our 15th anniversary. Thank you for all your support of our practice.

Keamy | Winter Newsletter 2019

Why are Dry Eyes Worse in the Winter?

Millions of people suffer from dry eyes. Some risk factors include aging, menopause, environment, heating, air- conditioning, some medicaions, rheumatoid arthritis, and computer use.

In the winter the air is dry between the cold weather and
the heat indoors. This can cause increased tear evaporation. Ironically, this can result in reflex tearing and dry eyes.

Many people suffer from a decrease in the oil production in the tear film. The oil glands get clogged . If the glands stay clogged, over many years they die off resulting in worse dry eyes in later years.

There are several ways to help your dry eye in the winter.
Add a humidifier to your house. Use warm compresses to the lids daily. Use tears with more oil content like refresh advanced optive or retain. Add omega 3 supplements like fish or flax seed oil to your diet.

Consider lipiflow to heat up your meibomian glands in eyelids and extract the hardened oils. Lipiflow is an FDA approved device and procedure performed by Dr Keamy in the office. It is comfortable and takes just 15 minutes.

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Keamy | Winter Newsletter 2019
Dr. Keamy having Lipiflow


BlephEx for Lid Hygiene

Normally bacteria live on the eyelid margins. Often they produce biofilms that cause debris to block the meibomian glands. With this film on the lids, scurf and crusting form on the eyelid margins. Sometimes daily warm compresses and lid wipes can keep the eyelid margins clean, but often daily cleaning is difficult. Cleaning the eyelids is analogous to cleaning plaque on teeth.

Now we have a new procedure to help patient improve the hygiene of their lids and improve redness, itching, irritation of lids, and evaporative dry eyes.

Dr. Keamy uses a small oscillating brush soaked in a solution to exfoliate the lid margins and kill bacteria on the lids. This is often helpful for patients with moderate to severe meibomitis and recurrent styes or chalazion.

This elective procedure only takes 5 minutes and is often paired with Lipiflow.

Keamy | Winter Newsletter 2019

Winter Lipiflow & Blephex Special

Savings of $200 when you pair Blephex with Lipilfow Lipiflow alone for $999 for both eyes.
now through March 31, 2019

Keamy | Winter Newsletter 2019



* Offer expires March 31, 2019

Recipe for Eye Health:

Keamy | Winter Newsletter 2019

Dr. Keamy’s Spinach & Kale Quiche

4 beaten eggs
1/2 cup of milk
3 Tablespoons of Flour
1 cup of sautéed kale
1 cup sautéed spinach
1 cup gruyere shredded cheese
crumbled feta cheese
salt and pepper to taste
Oil pie crust or frozen defrosted pie crust

Beat eggs & then miix first 3 ingredients in bowl.
Add other ingredients and place in pie shells. Cook for 45 min at 350 degrees.

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