Night Driver: What to Know About Night Driving

Eye Care As we age, just about every part of our body starts to show signs of wear and tear including your eyesight. One common age related vision problem that a lot of people suffer from is the inability to see clearly at night. If you have noticed that you have difficulty seeing when you’re driving at night, then this article is just the thing for you.

What to Know About Age and Night Driving

As we age, our pupils get wider which makes it harder for light to get through them. When you are driving at night and there’s not a lot of light around, then it makes it that much harder for you to see at night when you’re older.

Try Anti Glare Glasses

If you wear glasses and have still noticed that you have difficulty seeing well at night, then make sure that you invest in anti glare glasses. Anti glare sunglasses will help prevent that blaring glare that you see when headlights are coming at you from bothering your eyes. If you want to get some anti glare glasses, contact our office and we will schedule an appointment with you to get you set up.

Be Cautious

One thing that we tell all of our patients who are experiencing difficulty seeing when they’re driving at night is to be extra cautious. As a good rule of thumb, try to leave a larger distance between you and the car in front of you; that way it gives you more time to stop if they stop suddenly.

Driving at night can be kind of scary for some people who experience vision changes. If you have started to experience a change in your vision, contact us at our Westborough or Salem office and call us at 508-836-USEE.

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