Fix the Haze: 3 Post Cataract Surgery Recovery Tips

cataract surgery westborough | cataracts worcester Nothing can quite impair your vision like having them all of a sudden become cloudy due to cataracts. If you have recently been diagnosed with cataracts and are looking for a safe and effective way of getting rid of them, consider getting cataract surgery by Keamy Eye and Laser Centre. By removing your cataracts and replacing your lens with an artificial lens, your vision will essentially be restored and you will be able to enjoy your life once again. As one of the most crucial steps in ensuring that you get the results you deserve from cataract surgery, make sure you follow the recovery steps listed below.

1. Avoid Driving

You may think that as soon as you get your cataracts removed and your artificial lens placed in your eye that you are as good as new. However, your eyes still have to heal from the surgery and so your vision will not be perfect yet which means that although you may want to drive yourself home from surgery, you should wait to get behind the wheel for at least a day or two following your surgery.

2. Keep it Covered

Additionally, when you are sent home from Dr. Keamy Eye & Laser Centre, you will have some sort of bandages placed over your eyes. Even though you may want to remove the bandages for aesthetic purposes, it’s important that you keep your eye(s) covered for at least 24 hours following surgery to help shield them from things like dirt and dust. If dirt and dust do come in contact with your eyes, they may scratch them and could even lead to infection.

3. Avoid Bending Over

While you’re recovering from cataract surgery, try to see if a friend, family member, or neighbor can help you out with small things around the house like picking things up off the ground. As one of the most important things to avoid during recovery, bending over can place undue pressure on the eye socket. If you need to pick something up and nobody is around, remember that it can wait.

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Undergoing cataract surgery will help restore your vision and allow you to see the world again from a whole new perspective. In order to ensure that you recover properly from this surgery, make sure that you use the tips listed above. To learn more about other recovery tips or to schedule an appointment for cataract surgery, contact the eye experts at Keamy Eye and Laser Centre today!

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