Have you noticed a gritty, burning sensation in your eyes upon awakening from a night of too little sleep? If so, you may be interested to learn its possible cause(s). To begin with, the lacrimal gland just above the upper eyelid is responsible for secreting tears that keep the eyes lubricated. Some health experts believe that the gland, which is neurologically linked with the brain, decreases its tear production when sleep is needed. In essence, it is signaling the body to rest. In addition, overuse of the eyes that comes with staying up late can lead to eyestrain and less blinking, which also leads to less eye lubrication. Together, these two factors may conspire to compel us to get more shuteye.

P.S. If dry eye becomes a chronic problem, have the ophthalmologist determine its cause and prescribe treatment before it leads to possible eye damage and vision loss

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