Q&A with Dr. Keamy: The Revolutionary Opus Plasma Skin Tightening & Resurfacing Treatment

dr. keamy LT: Hi, Dr. Keamy! Let’s talk about your latest acquisition, Alma’s Opus Plasma. What turned your head with this technology?
JK: Opus Plasma is the first fractioned plasma skin resurfacing treatment to deliver the results of fractioned CO2 laser treatment without the extended downtime. It can resurface lines, textures, scars, and even pigment. Secondly, it delivers radiofrequency, commonly referred to as RF. It tightens skin and addresses laxity as a microneedle treatment.

LT: How does it work?

JK: Plasma causes micro ablation. I modulate the RF to tighten the skin. For instance, your skin was loose, but the texture was excellent. In your case, I delivered more RF and less plasma.

LT: And the results were excellent! Especially around the eyes, my upper lids tightened right up, and the awful bags under my eyes are, well, all I can say is Poof! Where else do you use Opus Plasma?

JK: The face and neck are the most popular treatment areas where I can pay special attention to the upper eyelids, festoons under the eyes, lip lines, and neck. Opus works wonders on sun-damaged decolletage, as well as hands, knees, and other areas of the body. It even minimizes stretch marks and scars. Whatever is needed.

opus plasma

opus plasma

LT: That’s a wide range of treatment areas. Seriously, Opus Plasma can do all this with consistent efficacy?

JK: Yes! This is why I had to have this machine! It’s highly flexible. I can fine-tune the RF and plasma output, not only for the treatment area but also for the patient’s recovery needs and discomfort

LT: What does the after-treatment look like in terms of recovery and repair? Also, is it painful, and how long does a treatment take?

JK: There will be redness and sometimes swelling lasting from several hours to several days. The skin may feel tight and a bit “sandy” to the touch but, amazingly, is not visible and doesn’t interfere with foundation application. I couldn’t believe it until I tried it myself! The “glide” attachment also produces miniscule track marks on the skin, which are micro scabs that fall off in a few days. Although it’s not required, I typically apply numbing cream for a ó hour before the procedure. This, along with the purpose of the procedure, determines the length of a single treatment which averages 15-20 minutes.

LT: There’s also a stem cell and exosome treatment add-on, correct?

JK: Correct. Thanks for reminding me, Laura! Yes, I do offer an add-on option to purchase an exosome serum to thoroughly regenerate the skin and decrease downtime. For aggressive treatments, I offer a stem cell serum.

LT: Remarkable! The before/afters photos are undoubtedly impressive. This is definitely a game-changer. Excellent purchase, Dr. Keamy. And thank you for explaining this complex technology in lay terms!

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