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It would seem likely that seniors would be quite knowledgeable about an eye condition that is a leading cause of blindness of people in their age group in the United States. Yet, when older individuals divulge what they think they know about cataracts, misinformation abounds. One of the more unfortunate aspects of the misunderstandings surrounding cataracts is that they prevent those needing treatment from getting the care they need or promote unrealistic expectations of treatment. Simply put, the U.S. National Eye Institute states that cataracts occur when the eye lens grows cloudy. Cataracts do NOT grow on top of the eye, nor should one necessarily wait until the eye lens goes completely white before seeking surgical treatment.

P.S. Cataracts can be removed and replaced with a clear, man-made lens with cataract surgery, which takes about a half-hour to complete and is successful more than 95% of the time.

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