Early Signs That You Need Treatment for Macular Degeneration

macular degeneration It could be brown, it could be blue, or it could be violet sky, but without clear and healthy vision, it will undoubtedly be difficult to enjoy it fully. That’s why doing your best to keep your eyes (and therefore your vision) in good shape during your day-to-day life is crucial. Unfortunately, there are some conditions like macular degeneration that can strike despite your best efforts to do so. That’s when treatment for macular degeneration can help save your vision.

Treatment for macular degeneration can take various forms, from nutritional supplements and medications to photodynamic and laser therapies. However, before concerning yourself with the kinds of treatments available, you should know what the early signs of macular degeneration tend to look like.

Blurry or Distorted Vision

The first and most noticeable symptom that you’ll encounter if you have macular degeneration is blurry or distorted vision. Blurriness, of course, is a common symptom of many eye conditions. However, the same can’t necessarily be said about distorted vision. These distortions can appear as lines looking curved or crooked when they are actually straight, and difficulties with recognizing people’s faces.

A Decrease in Color Perception

Though not always the easiest symptom to spot unless you have an affinity for colors or an artist’s eye, macular degeneration can often cause colors to appear duller and less vibrant than they usually would in an unafflicted eye. Unfortunately, treatment for macular degeneration cannot reverse any of these symptoms, but it can help prevent them from growing worse.

Issues Adapting to Changes in Lighting

Another symptom that is generally easier to notice is difficulties adapting to changes in light, like going from a bright day outside into a darker room indoors. This symptom can appear as a simple delay in adjusting to a change in light or photosensitivity issues and trouble seeing in dimly lit areas in general.

Effective Treatment for Macular Degeneration With Dr. Keamy

If you’ve noticed any of the issues mentioned in this blog, be sure to reach out to Keamy Eye & Laser Centre at 508-836-8733 to see if treatment for macular degeneration could be what you need. Under the expert leadership of board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Jean E. Keamy, her team offers first-class eye care in Westborough, MA, and its surrounding areas.

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