Not Getting Enough Z’s? What You Need to Know About Your Vision

Dry Eyes | Westborough, MA Sleep can often feel much more like a luxury that you only really get to catch up on while you’re on vacation (and without kids). However, as your body’s way to recharge and replenish itself every night, sleep is not only crucial for your ability to stay awake during work meetings and soccer games, but it’s essential to your vision as well. In fact, patients who don’t get at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night are more likely to experience vision problems such as dry eye or myokymia.

Dry Eye

Tears aren’t just to shed during your favorite romantic comedy. In fact, tears are crucial to your eye health and functionality. By coating your eyes, tears help to improve your vision and keep them functioning properly. Chronic dry eye is an eye disorder that is caused by a variety of different things including a lack of sleep, which makes it more difficult for patients to see clearly and focus on objects in front of them. Additionally, dry eye can be irritating, painful, and can cause an itchy scratching sensation.

What is Myokymia?

Having a twitch in your eye (myokymia) can not only make like you’re winking at complete strangers, but it can be beyond obnoxious. Myokymia primarily occurs in patients who are chronically fatigued, stressed, or have experienced a loss in sleep. During myokymia, patients suffer from sudden spasms in the eye which results in a spontaneous twitch.

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Dry eye and myokymia are two eye conditions that can be caused by a lack of sleep. The great news about both dry eye and myokymia, however, is that they’re easily treatable. By getting more rest, and scheduling an eye examination with Keamy Eye and Laser Centre, you can get rid of both of these conditions before you start counting sheep. To schedule an appointment, contact our office today at 508-836-8733!

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