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If you keep playing the song, “If I could turn back time” in your head every time that you look in the mirror, then we have news for you: you may be able to do just that. As part of our cosmetic program, we not only offer patients treatments like Botox and fillers, but we also offer skincare products like DefenAge. By working on a microbial level, DefenAge is popular for its claims to help restore youthfulness in the skin starting at the deepest levels. But what makes DefenAge different from some other anti-aging products out there?

It’s Clinically Proven

Sure, anyone can tell you how good of a product that DefenAge is, but when studies prove it, you know you can count on their word. Rigorous clinical studies have shown that DefenAge is proven to give patines real results.

It’s Good for All Skin Types

One of the problems with a lot of anti-aging skin care products is that they are only suitable for patients with certain skin types. Another one of the things that make DefenAge unique is that it’s suitable for patients with all skin types. So, if you have oily, dry, combination, or normal skin, then DefenAge may be worth giving a try.

It Helps Treat Multiple Concerns

Aging skin isn’t something that’s just onefold, which is why DefenAge can be used to treat several aging concerns like:

Reduction in wrinkles

Smoother texture

Less noticeable pores

It’s Easy to Use

No, we aren’t going to make you jump through a bunch of hoops every morning before work and every night before bed if you want to have smoother, younger-looking skin. These skin care products aren’t just effective, but they are easy to use. The only real trick when using them is to use them on a consistent basis.

Good skin requires a little bit of everything. It requires some work at home and some in-office treatments as well. If you want to learn more about how DefenAge can help give you more youthful looking skin, contact us at our Westborough or Salem office at 508-836-USEE.

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