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LT:  Hi, Dr. Keamy. Let’s talk about truSculpt iD today. I hear it’s the most advanced body contouring technology to date.

JK:  That’s correct, Laura. It’s the only treatment that not only melts fat but tightens skin as well. This is why I chose Cutera’s truSculpt iD system. I have used it on myself and enthusiastically attest to its efficacy!

LT:  How does it work? Is it invasive? Painful? Are the results permanent and, lastly, are multiple treatments necessary?

JK:  That’s a mouthful! Here we go:

  • truSculpt iD is a Cutera innovation. Its proprietary applicator delivers uniform radiofrequency energy to melt fat, tighten skin, tone cellulite, as well as reduce the appearance of scarring.
  • No, it’s not invasive nor is it particularly painful. The sensation is often described as feeling like a hot stone massage.
  • Yes, the results are permanent, and the fat loss can be up to 24%.
  • The majority of my patients require multiple treatments. I recommend that it’s best to plan on multiple treatments and be pleasantly surprised if it’s not necessary.

LT:  Excellent! Who are the best candidates and which areas of the body show the best results?

JK:   The best candidates are in overall good physical shape but have specific areas that are age related, congenital, or just plain don’t respond to diet or exercise. These areas include – but are not limited to – the belly, inner thighs, love handles, neck, upper arms, and bra fat.

LT:  Amazing! Thank you, Dr. Keamy. Good talk!

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