LT: Hi, Jean. I want to talk about lips today. I have long said that one can judge the skill of a medspa professional is by their lip work. Do they turn out big fat sausages or softly nuanced and natural looking lips? Jean, your patients’ lips are always perfect!
Tell us your secrets.

JK: Lips can be touchy. The first thing I take into consideration is what I have to work with. Are his or her lips naturally thin, with little shape of their own? Or shapely, and once plump, but now showing some age-related deflation? Or are lipstick lines causing a not-so-sexy pucker?

LT: I’ve heard of lip tenting. What is it and do you practice it?

JK: Yes, I do practice it. Lip tenting is how I manage shape and volume. It involves how much, and where I inject the filler. That said, there are many techniques by many different names, but the only one I rely upon is a thorough consultation. Not until I fully understand what the patient is looking to achieve and what his or her expectations are, do I consider how to proceed.

LT: This sounds like the standard protocol for all your work: listening to your patients, understanding what they want to achieve and, proceeding with your signature aesthetic sense and light touch.

JK: Well put! Thank you, Laura!

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