Why Now Is the Best Time to Get Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal, Salem, MAEven though you may currently be tucked inside under a blanket with no chance of leaving your couch because it’s so cold outside, spring will be here before you know it. And because they say that your spring and summer bod is made during the winter, now is the best time to really get going on your exercise plan and make sure that you are ready to slip into a bikini hair-free. As one of the specialties that we offer patients, laser hair removal is the perfect way for you to ditch your razor and skip out on your waxing sessions while still hitting the beach and pool with sexy smooth skin. But what makes February the perfect time to get laser hair removal? Let’s take a closer look and see.

It Gives You A Head Start

Your hair grows in different cycles which means that in order for us to target every hair follicle, we will need to do laser hair removal during each of your growth cycles. Think of your hair this way; you will have a lot of hair grow in during one week, and then several weeks later, you will have a completely new cycle of hair grow in. For us to actually be able to target each hair cycle to give you the hair-free results that you want, we will have to do several laser hair removal sessions spaced about eight weeks apart. To give yourself enough time to get a few sessions in before summer, we encourage patients to start laser hair removal during the winter!

It’s Easier to Stay Out of the Sun

Laser, much like a lot of other treatments, can make your skin more sensitive to burning. Because you likely won’t be laying out in the snow in your bikini, winter makes it the perfect time for you to get a treatment like a laser hair removal done because your skin will have enough time to heal without any sun exposure.


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