Double Up on your Confidence And Double Down on Your Double Chin

Kybella | Double Chin Treatment | Keamy Cosmetic Centre | Westborough, MA Aging comes with many emotional and cognitive perks, but some not so great physical problems. As one of the problems that many of our patients face, a double chin is almost impossible to get rid of on your own. To help you get a more contoured physical appearance you have two main options: a neck lift or Kybella. And although a neck lift will give you great results, surgery isn’t for everyone. As a new and popular injectable, Kybella is taking the world by storm. Read on to learn more.

What Is Kybella?

As an FDA approved the drug, Kybella works from the inside out to help you get rid of stubborn fat cells under and around your chin. Composed of an ingredient called deoxycholic acid, Kybella works to break down and then absorb the fat— leaving you without a double chin but with double the confidence. By injecting several small doses directly into your chin, patients start to see real results after just a single treatment.

Is It Effective?

One of the best things about Kybella is that it is 100% effective. And, because it destroys your fat cells and targets your fat from the inside out, you can rest easy knowing that your results should last— as long as you don’t put on too much weight.

Does It Hurt?

Neck lifts and facelifts are two surgical procedures that give patients wonderful results every time, but they’re also invasive. Luckily, with Kybella, you can get similar results without having to go under the knife. During your injection, you may feel a slight stinging sensation, but that should subside after just a minute or two.

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Kybella is a state-of-the-art injection that is used primarily to treat stubborn fat under and around the chin. If you have a double chin that you want to double down on, then contact Keamy Eye & Laser Centre to learn more about Kybella at 508-836-8733.

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