img1LT:  Happy New Year, Dr. Kearny! I’m curious about Radiesse, I’ve heard it lasts longer than other fillers. Is that so and, if so, why?

JK:  Happy New Year to you as well, Laura. Depending on the area of the face, it can last for up to 18 months. Radiesse is a natural substance that stimulates collagen production, and, as you know, collagen is what makes our skin supple and smooth.

img2LT: Ok, good to know. But I still need to know more, such as the areas of the face you prefer to treat with Radiesse.
JK: Because of its density, I use Radiesse in the cheeks and lower face, specifically, the marionette lines, the chin, and the jawline also known — rather unflatteringly so — as jowls.

LT: Marionette lines??
JK: Marionette lines are the furrows emanating from the corners of the mouth to the chin. Filling those alone can make a considerable difference!

LT: Other thoughts on Radiesse?

JK: Yes, actually. Radiesse was the first FDA-approved filler for use in the back of the hand. No matter how well I restore their face to its youthful beauty, many women (and men!) are self-conscious about their hands, also a tell-tale sign of age.

LT: Ok, Dr. Keamy, that just about wraps it up for my questions. Your readers, however, may want more information. For them, I recommend they visit:

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