What Are Laser Treatments?

Laser treatment devices can address a wide range of face and body medical aesthetic conditions. More people are seeking the help of laser to help remove or reduce the appearance of several skin conditions like spider veins, brown spots, hair removal, among others.

What Type Of Laser Does Dr. Keamy Use?

Dr. Keamy has partnered up with Cutera Face + Body Aesthetic Solutions to provide patients with the best results.

Laser Genesis On Real Patient

What Issues Does The Laser Treat?

  • Veins
  • IPL
  • Collagen Building
  • Age/Brown Spots
  • Acne Scars
  • Scar Reduction
  • Wrinkles
  • Hair Removal

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Because each individual is different and not everyone has the same type of skin or skin condition, the number of sessions will vary depending on what condition is being treated.

Schedule A Consultation

For more information on the type of laser treatments that we offer and how many sessions are required to treat your particular area of interest. Please call (508) 836-8733 to schedule a consultation.

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