How to Tell If LASIK Isn’t The Right Choice for you

By Dr. Keamy
March 15, 2018

You may be the type of parent, partner, or friend who just can’t say no to anything, but some things are definitely worth saying no to if they aren’t right for you. Although you may want to see perfectly and clearly without the nuisance of having to wear contacts and glasses every day, LASIK may ... read more

How to Be The Apple of Your Valentine’s Eye This Valentine’s Day

By Dr. Keamy
February 13, 2018
Laser Eye Surgery Westborough MA

Whether you are a fan or not of Valentine’s Day, there’s one thing that's for certain: If you don’t give your loved tone the perfect gift, you’re going to be in the doghouse. Luckily, we at Keamy Eye and Laser Centre have you covered with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that will put you in ... read more